Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nash out Telfair in. Please!!

Now that the Phoenix Suns season is over. Because they just lost a must win game against the jazz for the final 8th spot in the west. Maybe now they can get rid of Nash. Bon Voyage buddy. Sick of seeing you all cozy on the sideline with your warm ups on and a towl around your neck and laying on the ground. Sick of it. You were good. We all know that. You still are. I just don't want you on my team. (like i have a team) Telfair is a better option and you can tell that Alvin Gentry agrees. He would way rather have telfair out there. In my opinion. Players that should go are: Nash, Warrick, Morris, Grant Hill, and Childress. I would not bat a eye to see those guys leave. Not a big fan of Gortat, but a big guy is a rarity in the league. So keep him. So If i where the GM I would do that. And add some pieces. It is just to bad Channing Frye cannot grow into the player he is capable of being. But with that quick of release from three you gotta keep him and hope he can figure it out. But Nash's time has come. Telfair can do the job in my opinion. 

What a douche!

Kemp was on one of the greatest dunkers!

One of the greatest dunkers the game has seen. His jump shot was a bit hard and always subject but he sure did attack the rim. I sure do miss the Supersonics. They had a good squad. Hersey Hawkins, Detlef Shrempf, Ricky Pierce, and Dale Ellis. They had some gamers. I miss those years. Was never a Payton fan though.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Who wins today between Lakers and Mavs?

The lakers are a 2 point favorite. They need this one. The lakers are in third place in the west with the clippers one game behind them. Dallas in sixth place. The way it is sitting now these two teams would meet in first round of playoffs. I really don't think the lakers want clipppers moving ahead of them and dropping to four seed because then they got Memphis. And personally I would rather play the Dallas rather than Memphis. Just me though. So I think lakers want this game more. That said. Lakers -2 and really not wanting clippers to catch them. I would go lakers. But wait. Will i go with lakers. One big piece on info I left out. kobe is doubtful. Not expected to play. So now it is a toss up. Probably won't touch it. I think if kobe was 100% line would be 6 or 7. They are at home. But with kobe gone and line and -2 it might be worth it to take Dallas to win. But I ain't touchin it. I don't think!

Who's winning today.... Heat or Knicks?

Knicks have not lost at home yet under new coach Mike Woodson. Vegas says Miami is still a 3 point favorite here. Could go either way. A one game matchup could could go either way. But in a seven game series I don't see the heat getting by the knicks. I only say that if Carmello is Carmello. Playing at the top of his game. He is the best scorer on the floor in that game if he is playing at the top of his game. But as we know there is a good chance he will not. So the smart money might be Miami. I just don't see Miami goin anywhere. They are ugly to watch.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Lin said before the game versus the bulls on sunday (4/8/12) he was feeling good after surgery on his left knee Monday but didn't think he could return in time for the first round of the playoffs. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012


First off I love the NBA because I love basketball. The biggest thing I dislike about the NBA is how often they put the same teams on national television.  As a fan of hoops and a fan of the NBA I would like to see the NBA.  Its like they are aiming the audience at girls and guys that couldn't tell you what a one and one at the free throw line is. I am getting sick and tired of watching the Heat, Lakers, and Magic play. I wanna see some Timberwolves, some Trailblazers. Just not the usual teams. I mean I know its all about ratings. And for that day the Heat, Lakers and Magic probably would get you better ratings. But it is about building a product and start aiming towards people who care and in the long run the products ratings as a whole will rise. I am getting sick of watching player based on reputation and not skill. I am getting sick of watching Lebron and Dwight miss free throws. They are FREE and you are a professional. Some player just catch the buzz and it cannot escape them. Like Jason Kidd having the reputation of a great point gaurd in his later years. Are you freakin serious? There are 30 other point guards I would rather have. He was terrible.  So Mr. Stern please don't have the same teams on national tv every time. Mix it up. Grow your product. It will then take away any conspiracy there might be. The conspiracy that you want these top market teams to go farther in the playoffs.