Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kevin Love earned a Larry Bird comparison from Nuggets coach George Karl Sunday.

I admit I was one the Kevin Love cannot succeed at the next level band wagon. He just seemed to slow. But boy has he proven the doubters wrong. Just the other night he put up 51 and followed that up with a 30 point 21 rebound night. He is the real deal. Now if Luke Ridnour could just be a little more consistent they would be a team to be reckoned with. I have always thought Ridnour had a very high ceiling. I think he has the best handles in the league. He is just to inconsistent. This is his time though because Ricky Rubio is out for season and he needs to prove he is the guy. He has to convince me to though. I would give the job to Ricky. But if Ridnour can play more full throttle I would give it to him. They have some other nice pieces also. Martell Webster and Wayne Ellington are nice. Never really been a Michael Beasely fan and I would say Derrick Williams has played under par. Love is a solid piece to build around though. If Ridnour could just play out of his mind and Martell and Wayne are strokin their Jimmys then they would be hard to beat. In regards to George Karl's comparision to Larry Bird. That's dumb. Yes they are both white. Is that why you are comparing them, because love is good and is white so lets call him bird. Bird was a way better shooter and passer. I would think a Love and Barkley is a better comparision. Or maybe Love and the "Rifleman" Chuck Person.

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