Monday, August 29, 2011

If you could ask a NBA player any question what would you ask?

I would ask Allen Iverson, Did your “me against the world” attitude keep you from being a better teammate?  I would be curious of how he would answer that one. Cause I think it sure did. Or maybe I would ask Kobe, "Did you do it?" I would also like to ask Sir Charles who would he want for a teammate to try and take down Jordan and get a ring, Bird or Magic?  Last but not least  I would like to ask Pippen how in the world can he say that James is better than Jordan. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I would have to say the most overrated player is Kevin Garnett. I mean he has the most perfect basketball body ever given to a human being. The guy should be averaging like 45 points a game. I know that is a little far fetched but not really. I do not see why he doesn't just attack the rim and dunk over anybody in his way. He can reach so far. But no he just shoots those line drive jump shots. He has no moves. I wish he had some dream shake moves like Hakeem Olajuwon. He is not athletic at all. I just think that with the body that god gave him he should be doing a lot more. Who agrees or disagrees? I am sure there are alot of you that disagree.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


This post is just some of the players off the top of my head that should be better than they are. For what ever the reason. Maybe its just the situation their in and I think they would be different on another  team or it could be that they have the ability but maybe mentally they don't have it. What ever the reason. These are some of the players that I think should be better than they are. Lets start with Luke Ridnour. Seems like he is always fighting for the point guard spot. I just don't see how Earl Watson could be taking time from Ridnour in Seattle. Go figure. Boris Diaw is another. Seems like if that guy could just flip a switch he could be dominant. He is quick for a big and can shoot and has finesse to his game. I always have thought he could be great.  Antwan Jamison is another. I remember when Cleveland got him I thought that was enough to win the title. I mean lebron could almost do it himself, lebron just needed a sidekick. So they brought in Jamison and I thought that would do it. But man was he a different player. That was not a good fit. I do think that if lebron could of ever got one real sidekick in Cleveland that that would be lebrons best chance at a title. Lebron did have some good players, Zydrunas Ilgauskas for one. Its just to bad Antwan Jamison couldn't be Antwan Jamison. There is a few player I think could be better for what ever the reason. If I where there coach I would be putting the ball in there hand more often. What player do you think?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Should the Suns blow it up?

My vote is yes. I think they should. Steve Nash is a great ball player but it is time. You can't have Nash be your best player and succeed. He is a true point guard. He plays the way a point guard should play. I think a point guard should be a facilitator first and a scorer second. But a pg should definitely be able to scorer and be a great shooter. Nash is exactly that. Loves to pass and is a pure shooter. You can still be a good point guard even if you don't meet that makeup. But that is just how I like my point guards. I mean look at Rondo.  He only  meets half of that makeup. He is a good facilitator (passer) but my no means is he a shooter. Still a great player!! But back to the Suns. They definitely need to blow it up. Everyone any good is old. Nash, Vince Carter, and Grant Hill. All old, and Channing Frye cannot be the main man. He is a nice role player but they need to trade the old guys for some young guys with potential. The suns where good enough to win it a few years back. Its to bad they couldn't do it.

Westbrook or Durant?

After the trouble the Oklahoma City Thunder had in the playoffs there has been much speculation if they should move Russell Westbrook and get Kevin Durant a more of a pass first point guard. You might be sayin trouble in the playoffs? They definetly had the talent to win it all. They just didn't. A lot of teams could say that. Something wasn't right. I think there might be some chemistry issues. But if you think I am one of peeps sayin Durant needs a pass first point guard, I am not. If you have to get rid of one of them I would get rid of Durant. Russell Westbrook is a special player. Look at all the respect Mr. D Rose gets in Chicago. And can you really say Rose is that much better than Westbrook? I say no. They are the two best penetrators in the league. It does not seem like we should be able to make this comparison. I mean Russel has stud on his team and Rose (although Deng is nice) does not. He is the stud. I think if you get rid of Durant and give Russell the reigns and the confidence you could be looking at a very dominant player. I know most would disagree and I kinda do to a point. But on the other hand I don't. It's just something I have thought about and this is the blog to do it.