Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is Anthony Davis worth the hype?

Is Anthony Davis worth the hype? I say YES! I think he is a way better pick and more promising than last years Kyrie Irving. Steve Kerr said earlier this year that he is better than Kevin Garnett right now and I totally agree with that statement. Anyone who has looked through by blog knows how I feel about Garnett. I think Davis is a game changer. He can block anything and has some offense to his game. I think you can build a team with him. Notice I did not say around him. I said with him. He can be a important piece. But I don't think he is good enough to build a team around. He is young and might take some time. But I feel he will develop to something quite special. Could be wrong. Thats just my read. 

NBA Conspiracy theories.

There has been a lot of talk today concerning NBA conspiracy theories. One with the Boston Celtics getting lack of less foul calls because supposedly the NBA want the Heat in the Finals for the ratings. Two the New Orleans Hornets get the number one pick in the draft. The Hornets which were owned by the NBA until early this season. Tom Benson bought the Hornets. So some people think the league threw in the number one pick to  sweeten the deal for Benson. Also the league put a stop to a trade earlier this year that would of sent Chris Paul to LA, Pau Gasol to Houston, and Lamar Odom to the Hornets. Some say that is also maybe why the Hornets were rewarded with the Number one pick. In my opinion, concerning the Bostons lack of fouls. Don't by it. Boston is a jump shooting team. Ray Allen is a jump shooter. The only one who really attacks the rim is Rondo. On the other hand you have Lebron and Wade and that is what they do for the most part. They attack. The heat went to the line 47 times and celtics went to the line 29 times. Heat had 18 fouls to Celtics 33. I don't think there was any bad calls out of the ordinary there. So I am not buying the conspiracy there. And regarding the Hornets getting the number one pick. All I can do is hope there is no foul play there. There is always gona be talk of conspiracy theories. I have youtubed and watched the frozen envelope draft from back in the day that gave the Knicks Ewing. The guy just put his hand in and grabbed. I think people will just speculate no matter what. The only thing that bugs me is the way the NBA puts the same teams on national tv every weekend during the regular season. They should grow their product and a whole to NBA fans and stop aiming to the nonchalant fans who just know the stars. They are just hurting themselves.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good comparison! HAHAHA

Western Conference Finals Game 2 is tomorrow. In my opinion it is gona be a long series. Line for game is Spurs -4.5. I would take OKC +4.5 and feel quite good about it. In my opinion!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Best dunks of the year. All levels of ball.

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San Antonio gets game 1

SAN ANTONIO -- Manu Ginobili scored 26 points and the San Antonio Spurs won their 19th in a row to tie the NBA record for longest winning streak kept alive in the playoffs, beating theOklahoma City Thunder 101-98 to open the Western Conference finals on Sunday night.
Obeying orders snarled by coach Gregg Popovich in a fourth-quarter timeout to play "nasty," the Spurs erased a nine-point deficit that stunned the Thunder, who had looked on their way to finally kicking the perception that they're the underdog.
Kevin Durant led the Thunder with 27 points. Russell Westbrook had 17.
The 2001 Lakers are the only other team to carry a winning streak this long in the playoffs -- and they did so on their way to a championship.
Game 2 is Tuesday night.
The Spurs matched the fourth-longest streak in NBA history, and with one more will become just the fourth team to surpass 20.
Tim Duncan had 16 points and 11 rebounds, and Tony Parker shook off a dismal start to finish with 18 points. But it was Ginobili who steered the Spurs to strike first in a highly anticipated matchup of the West's top two teams for practically the entire regular season.
"They got us on our heels. We were not aggressive," Ginobili said. "And in the second half, we did have it."
On the other end, Oklahoma City's own Big Three struggled to find its shot early before awakening in the second half. Yet Westbrook still finished just 6 of 15 and took a nasty, face-first spill late in the fourth that had the entire Thunder bench crossing the court to check on their All-Star point guard underneath the opposite basket.
Westbrook appeared to favor his left leg when he got up, but he never left the game.
It was a tantalizingly close near-upset for the young Thunder, who were ousted in the Western Conference finals a year ago and were in position for home-court advantage throughout the playoffs until being overtaken by the Spurs in the final month of the season.
But it was a fittingly close opener for two franchises with so many similarities.
That includes Thunder general manager Sam Presti -- the architect of the Thunder's rapid turnaround from a 23-win season to consecutive Western Conference finals in just four years -- getting his big break in the NBA as intern in San Antonio.
And the Thunder didn't even need their own Big Three to keep things close.
Durant, Westbrook and Harden at one point through the second quarter were 5 of 21 -- a typically ominous stat line for a trio that had been responsible for nearly 70 percent of Oklahoma City's points through the playoffs so far. But for all the talk about San Antonio's superior bench, it was the Thunder's reserves who picked up the slack.
None more so than Derek Fisher, whose famous game-winner for the Lakers on this same court in the 2004 playoffs has made "0.4 seconds" a phrase that needs no further explanation to the Spurs. Eight years later, and the oldest player in this series at 37, Fisher already met his playoff average at halftime and finished with 13 points.
Gary Neal added 12 points and was the only other Spurs player in double figures.
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Why the Heat is dangerous.

Everyone all year has been saying that if one of the big three should leave the Heat it should be Wade. The numbers have agreed with the critics. The Heat have had better success when Wade was out. And that is why the heat are so dangerous now. Dwayne Wade is taking it personally. He is gona show everyone what the best tandem is. He has turned it up a notch the past two games and has looked possessed. He is showing that they do have two of the top four players in the league. There supporting cast does suck but lebron and determined wade is all you need. That being said I stilll by no means think they can win it all. The other top 2 of 4 players in the league are also on one team in Durant and Westbrook and their supporting cast is 50 times better. Whoever wins the west is winning the title. All im saying is the Heat are better when wade is leading the bunch.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

James is nowhere near Jordan.

In my opinion the Heat are not gona get a ring this year. They might get to the finals but they can't hang with the teams in the west. I think if they can get past Indiana they will go to the finals. I think Indiana will give them more trouble than Boston/Philly. Indiana may not have a superstars but they have a team of quality players. Miami just has two superstars but no team of quality players. Really hurts not having bosh active. I am not a lebron hater. I am just a hater of the popularity he has. He is overated. Colin Cowherd is a wise man but he is way off on his analysis of James. But then again maybe I am. Im just speaking my opinion. Like it or hate it. Don't get me wrong I do think he is one of the best in the league. But anyone who says he is as good as Jordan is way off in left field. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Larry the Legend

1979 John Wooden Award
3 time NBA MVP (84'-86')
3 time NBA Champion
1997-98 NBA Coach of the Year

and now announced today - 2011-12 NBA Executive of the Year

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flopping in the NBA

I saw today on one of there polls they always have on the bottom half of the homepage asking: What should happen to NBA players that flop. And the choices where A: Fine them B: supend them C: Nothing D: Technical.My answer is that is stupid. The question should be what should happen to NBA referees who call fouls when players flop and have the same choices for answers. To me a player can flop if he wants. It is the job of the referee to make that call. Maybe if referees made more no - calls on flop plays the players wouldn't do it. The refs need to do a better job in my opinion. Players are competitive. They wouldn't have gotten to that level if they were not. So they are gona do whatever it takes to win. I don't fault them for that. I have no problem with players that flop. I have a problem with referees who call fouls when players flop.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who is the MVS?

Who is the Most Valuable Sidekick?

I would say Russel Westbrook because they most likely are gona win the championship in my opinion. Deng and bynum are nice picks for that award to. I don't really see wade as a sidekick. I see lebron as the sidekick.  It is just wade is more passive. But he has more skill in my opinion.  I have seen lebron miss way to many free throws to say he is more talented than wade. It is just lebron is more talented in between the ears. He has that killer instinct that great ones have. That is what I thought until watching the playoffs and I now would have to say Dwayne Wade is definitely a sidekick. He is a awsome player, but Lebron is the guy on that team. There are other players in the league that are also deserving of this award. Can you think of any? Who is your pick for Most Valuable Sidekick? Just leave a comment with your vote.

Is Carmello selfish?

I don't think he is intentionally. But yes he is. Because there is no way you can say he has no talent around him. He's got players. Good ones. Shumpert, Novak, J.R. Smith, Chandler, Baron Davis, Lin and landry fields. The rest of the squad sucks but those guys listed are money. If you put lebron with those guys they are contenders. Easily. Look who lebron took to the finals. Don't want to take the time to go find who was on their roster. But it wasn't much. I think Carmello should not be a number one option on a team. The problem is he has number one talent. He does have game, much game. But Jeremy Lin should defenitely be running the show there and setting up everyone else. All you need is a coach to make it happen. It is just to bad Lin is to soft in that respect. He defers to Melo and will never stand up to him and tell to shut up. To bad. Cause they could be very good with the team they got. But with Melo shooting all the time it ain't gona happen. I am not saying he should't shoot. He should. He is the most talented on the team. He should never be in isolation. He should be fed the ball by a point gaurd(or anybody) in rotation. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Mello - Is this how you play defense? I don't know how.


I believe OKC is the team to beat this year in playoffs. They have the best two player tandem in league with Durant and Westbrook. And Harden could be a freakin stud if he had his own team. Miami is the best in east. Indiana aint bad. But I would say San Antonio and OKC both have a much better chance than Miami. If Miami was in the Western Conference I don't think they would get to the Finals. Miami is a different team once they hit a obstacle. Once things start to go bad for them, they go bad. They can't bounce back. They are mentally challanged.