Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who is the MVS?

Who is the Most Valuable Sidekick?

I would say Russel Westbrook because they most likely are gona win the championship in my opinion. Deng and bynum are nice picks for that award to. I don't really see wade as a sidekick. I see lebron as the sidekick.  It is just wade is more passive. But he has more skill in my opinion.  I have seen lebron miss way to many free throws to say he is more talented than wade. It is just lebron is more talented in between the ears. He has that killer instinct that great ones have. That is what I thought until watching the playoffs and I now would have to say Dwayne Wade is definitely a sidekick. He is a awsome player, but Lebron is the guy on that team. There are other players in the league that are also deserving of this award. Can you think of any? Who is your pick for Most Valuable Sidekick? Just leave a comment with your vote.

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