Thursday, May 31, 2012

NBA Conspiracy theories.

There has been a lot of talk today concerning NBA conspiracy theories. One with the Boston Celtics getting lack of less foul calls because supposedly the NBA want the Heat in the Finals for the ratings. Two the New Orleans Hornets get the number one pick in the draft. The Hornets which were owned by the NBA until early this season. Tom Benson bought the Hornets. So some people think the league threw in the number one pick to  sweeten the deal for Benson. Also the league put a stop to a trade earlier this year that would of sent Chris Paul to LA, Pau Gasol to Houston, and Lamar Odom to the Hornets. Some say that is also maybe why the Hornets were rewarded with the Number one pick. In my opinion, concerning the Bostons lack of fouls. Don't by it. Boston is a jump shooting team. Ray Allen is a jump shooter. The only one who really attacks the rim is Rondo. On the other hand you have Lebron and Wade and that is what they do for the most part. They attack. The heat went to the line 47 times and celtics went to the line 29 times. Heat had 18 fouls to Celtics 33. I don't think there was any bad calls out of the ordinary there. So I am not buying the conspiracy there. And regarding the Hornets getting the number one pick. All I can do is hope there is no foul play there. There is always gona be talk of conspiracy theories. I have youtubed and watched the frozen envelope draft from back in the day that gave the Knicks Ewing. The guy just put his hand in and grabbed. I think people will just speculate no matter what. The only thing that bugs me is the way the NBA puts the same teams on national tv every weekend during the regular season. They should grow their product and a whole to NBA fans and stop aiming to the nonchalant fans who just know the stars. They are just hurting themselves.

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