Friday, May 25, 2012

Why the Heat is dangerous.

Everyone all year has been saying that if one of the big three should leave the Heat it should be Wade. The numbers have agreed with the critics. The Heat have had better success when Wade was out. And that is why the heat are so dangerous now. Dwayne Wade is taking it personally. He is gona show everyone what the best tandem is. He has turned it up a notch the past two games and has looked possessed. He is showing that they do have two of the top four players in the league. There supporting cast does suck but lebron and determined wade is all you need. That being said I stilll by no means think they can win it all. The other top 2 of 4 players in the league are also on one team in Durant and Westbrook and their supporting cast is 50 times better. Whoever wins the west is winning the title. All im saying is the Heat are better when wade is leading the bunch.

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