Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whats up with Jimmer?

I would say nothing. Remember this is my opinion and just what I feel. I mean I have only seen him play a few times. I do check the box score for there games quite frequently though. I would say nothing is wrong, he is just in a bad spot. He is just on a team that doesn't use him to his potential. He just needs minutes and on a team with a horrible record I don't know why he doesn't get them. He might have to just bite his time and wait for the right situation or right coach to come along. A lot of a nba players career comes down to luck. If a player would have got drafted to this place instead of that place it can make a world of difference. The people he would meet. The people he wouldn't meet. It all comes into play. You think if Steve Kerr never played for the Bulls he would still be the suns ex GM and a TNT analyst. ( I doubt it ) This does not affect the great players though. They make there own luck. They are gona be money wherever they go. But some players the little things can make a big difference. Jimmer just needs to weight for his time. It will come.

Who is the best player in the NBA?

This question is hard to answer these days. There is no clear cut answer. Not since Jordan. We always just knew when he was in the league. A lot of people say lebron. I say how can the best player in the game not be a shooter. The name of the game is putting the rock in hole, so I would think one characteristic the best player in the league must have is being a shooter. I have seen lebron to many times miss free throws. Sometimes two on a trip. He is a excellent passer and penetrator. So if he is the best then the competition is weak. Derek Rose has the same make up. He is also a good passer  and a good penetrator. And although not a great shooter he is definitely better than james. So that leaves us Kobe and Dirk. Kobe is a excellent shooter. Decent passer. Good on defense. And does seem to have that inner beast that the great ones have. But he does have the best running mate out of the group in Gasol and they don't seem to make the most of it. Maybe they just are getting old. Dirk is obviously the best shooter in the group but is pretty immobile. So those are my top 4. I know some would put a Dwight Howard or Kevin Durant in there. But I wouldn't. So if I had to pick one to be the best I guess it would have to be either Kobe or Rose. But it is debatable. It is all debatable. I so miss the days where there was no discussion of this. We just knew Jordan was the best. If anyone was even close to him it was Bird. Although kobe's game is comparable to jordan's, as in the was he post up on the block etc, there was no debate. Who do you think is the best?