Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Should the Suns blow it up?

My vote is yes. I think they should. Steve Nash is a great ball player but it is time. You can't have Nash be your best player and succeed. He is a true point guard. He plays the way a point guard should play. I think a point guard should be a facilitator first and a scorer second. But a pg should definitely be able to scorer and be a great shooter. Nash is exactly that. Loves to pass and is a pure shooter. You can still be a good point guard even if you don't meet that makeup. But that is just how I like my point guards. I mean look at Rondo.  He only  meets half of that makeup. He is a good facilitator (passer) but my no means is he a shooter. Still a great player!! But back to the Suns. They definitely need to blow it up. Everyone any good is old. Nash, Vince Carter, and Grant Hill. All old, and Channing Frye cannot be the main man. He is a nice role player but they need to trade the old guys for some young guys with potential. The suns where good enough to win it a few years back. Its to bad they couldn't do it.

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