Thursday, August 18, 2011


This post is just some of the players off the top of my head that should be better than they are. For what ever the reason. Maybe its just the situation their in and I think they would be different on another  team or it could be that they have the ability but maybe mentally they don't have it. What ever the reason. These are some of the players that I think should be better than they are. Lets start with Luke Ridnour. Seems like he is always fighting for the point guard spot. I just don't see how Earl Watson could be taking time from Ridnour in Seattle. Go figure. Boris Diaw is another. Seems like if that guy could just flip a switch he could be dominant. He is quick for a big and can shoot and has finesse to his game. I always have thought he could be great.  Antwan Jamison is another. I remember when Cleveland got him I thought that was enough to win the title. I mean lebron could almost do it himself, lebron just needed a sidekick. So they brought in Jamison and I thought that would do it. But man was he a different player. That was not a good fit. I do think that if lebron could of ever got one real sidekick in Cleveland that that would be lebrons best chance at a title. Lebron did have some good players, Zydrunas Ilgauskas for one. Its just to bad Antwan Jamison couldn't be Antwan Jamison. There is a few player I think could be better for what ever the reason. If I where there coach I would be putting the ball in there hand more often. What player do you think?

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