Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Westbrook or Durant?

After the trouble the Oklahoma City Thunder had in the playoffs there has been much speculation if they should move Russell Westbrook and get Kevin Durant a more of a pass first point guard. You might be sayin trouble in the playoffs? They definetly had the talent to win it all. They just didn't. A lot of teams could say that. Something wasn't right. I think there might be some chemistry issues. But if you think I am one of peeps sayin Durant needs a pass first point guard, I am not. If you have to get rid of one of them I would get rid of Durant. Russell Westbrook is a special player. Look at all the respect Mr. D Rose gets in Chicago. And can you really say Rose is that much better than Westbrook? I say no. They are the two best penetrators in the league. It does not seem like we should be able to make this comparison. I mean Russel has stud on his team and Rose (although Deng is nice) does not. He is the stud. I think if you get rid of Durant and give Russell the reigns and the confidence you could be looking at a very dominant player. I know most would disagree and I kinda do to a point. But on the other hand I don't. It's just something I have thought about and this is the blog to do it.

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