Monday, October 1, 2012

Jason Terry Knows His Role For Celtics

Perception has strayed a good distance from reality in this case, but from the moment he signed with the Celtics last summer, he became the guy who replaced Ray Allen.
“We’re two different players, and hopefully I’ll bring something that Ray didn’t,” said Terry. “Obviously Ray was a great player for this franchise over the years, and brought them the championship in ’08, but our games are totally different.
He’s a prideful bench player, and though Terry had no part in the offensive drain that plagued the Celtics bench much of last season, he still took it personally.
“It starts with me, and the stars are going to do what they have to do. It’s such a long season, you have to count on your bench,” Terry added. “I want us to pride ourselves in saying that we have the best bench in basketball. If I look at us on paper, we’re right there. You can match us up with whoever, and I think we’re pretty darned good. We’ll set the standard very high, and we’re looking to make some noise early.”
“My job doesn’t change,” he said. “I’ll be thrust into the sixth man role. Hey, I’m one of the best, and it is what it is. I take pride in it. What every team needs is that spark, that energy off the bench, and I’m here to do it. Anything other than that, and I won’t be doing my job.”

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