Monday, May 6, 2013

Derrick Rose is a putz!

Man there was some good NBA games tonight. Love to see the Bulls beat the Heat. Absolutely love it. The Heat are not that good. I would rather have Steph Curry over Lebron! And who needs Derrick Rose when you have Nate Robinson. Even if Rose came and said I want to play now, the Bulls should say naw we are good, keep sitting. Derrick Rose is a putz. Ever since I watched the NBA all star weekend a couple years ago and he was in the Skills challenge. Each NBA player in the challenge had a little kid they were playing for and the NBA player that won got a 50,000 dollar scholarship for their kid. And Derrick Rose was just going through the motions. I could not believe how he appeared to not even be trying. I was like come on dude, at least try. Ever since then I have been not a big fan of Rose. I think all he thinks about is himself. I mean look at Nate Robinson. The past few games he has been playin sick and tonight he got six stitches. Teams are going to play according to the feel of the team. And with Rose the team don't feel to good. Love the Bulls without Rose. Also Love the Spurs and the Warriors! Great night of hoops!!!

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