Friday, September 28, 2012

League Adopting Remedy for Flopping? Retarded!

The NBA is finalizing a new procedure to deal with flopping this coming season, with an off-court remedy expected to be in place before the start of the regular season.
After meeting with their newly revamped competition committee two weeks ago in New York, the league anticipates that incidents of flopping will be adjudicated on a postgame basis with fines assessed for the offenses, a league spokesman said Thursday.
“The procedures will likely involve a postgame review as opposed to calling it as an in-game infraction,” the league spokesman said in a statement to and other outlets.

NBA BEATS - This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of. This is retarded. If a player can get away with flopping then more props to him. All it means is that they are competitive and want to win. The league is going to fine players for flopping? That is stupid. They should be fining the referee for calling the flop. Horrible move by the NBA. 

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