Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All Dork Weekend

I am a big fan of basketball. Have played it all my life. I could shoot by myself for ever. ( As long as I have a rebounder). But I find myself disliking the NBA more and more. The fact we have to watch the same stupid teams on National television. I am getting sick of watching Dwight Howard miss three throws. I would way rather have Pau Gasol! If the Lakers never got Dwight  Howard they would be a contender and that is a guarantee! All they needed was Nash. I also am feed up with everybody always covering and talking about the Lakers. ( I guess i am doing it to), it is like the league is appeasing the women fans. Not true basketball fans. Another thing that annoys me is Colin Cowherd. I used to kinda like the guy. Still kinda do. He is good with analogies and does make some good points. But they way he is in love with Lebron just makes me want to shut the radio off.  The only people he lets call in to his show agree with him. Have some balls and let people call in that disagree with you. Jordan was better than Lebron. PERIOD. Also did you see All Star weekend? If you did you saw Dwayne Wade wearing Leather pants with a suit coat. What is with the leather pants? Do they think that looks good? Kevin Durant with a bunch of plastic balls on his shirt. Russell Westbrook wearing glasses with no lenses. These guys are dorks. Dwight Howard is the biggest dork of all. All these guys are not likeable. Kevin Durant used to be the good guy. I just heard a clip where he said when the clock is running down he might take another dribble before launching a 3/4 court shot, so he gets it off after the clock expires. Just to save his field goal percentage. Are you freaking serious? The NBA is just not as likeable as it used to be. 

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