Monday, May 14, 2012

Flopping in the NBA

I saw today on one of there polls they always have on the bottom half of the homepage asking: What should happen to NBA players that flop. And the choices where A: Fine them B: supend them C: Nothing D: Technical.My answer is that is stupid. The question should be what should happen to NBA referees who call fouls when players flop and have the same choices for answers. To me a player can flop if he wants. It is the job of the referee to make that call. Maybe if referees made more no - calls on flop plays the players wouldn't do it. The refs need to do a better job in my opinion. Players are competitive. They wouldn't have gotten to that level if they were not. So they are gona do whatever it takes to win. I don't fault them for that. I have no problem with players that flop. I have a problem with referees who call fouls when players flop.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who is the MVS?

Who is the Most Valuable Sidekick?

I would say Russel Westbrook because they most likely are gona win the championship in my opinion. Deng and bynum are nice picks for that award to. I don't really see wade as a sidekick. I see lebron as the sidekick.  It is just wade is more passive. But he has more skill in my opinion.  I have seen lebron miss way to many free throws to say he is more talented than wade. It is just lebron is more talented in between the ears. He has that killer instinct that great ones have. That is what I thought until watching the playoffs and I now would have to say Dwayne Wade is definitely a sidekick. He is a awsome player, but Lebron is the guy on that team. There are other players in the league that are also deserving of this award. Can you think of any? Who is your pick for Most Valuable Sidekick? Just leave a comment with your vote.

Is Carmello selfish?

I don't think he is intentionally. But yes he is. Because there is no way you can say he has no talent around him. He's got players. Good ones. Shumpert, Novak, J.R. Smith, Chandler, Baron Davis, Lin and landry fields. The rest of the squad sucks but those guys listed are money. If you put lebron with those guys they are contenders. Easily. Look who lebron took to the finals. Don't want to take the time to go find who was on their roster. But it wasn't much. I think Carmello should not be a number one option on a team. The problem is he has number one talent. He does have game, much game. But Jeremy Lin should defenitely be running the show there and setting up everyone else. All you need is a coach to make it happen. It is just to bad Lin is to soft in that respect. He defers to Melo and will never stand up to him and tell to shut up. To bad. Cause they could be very good with the team they got. But with Melo shooting all the time it ain't gona happen. I am not saying he should't shoot. He should. He is the most talented on the team. He should never be in isolation. He should be fed the ball by a point gaurd(or anybody) in rotation. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Mello - Is this how you play defense? I don't know how.


I believe OKC is the team to beat this year in playoffs. They have the best two player tandem in league with Durant and Westbrook. And Harden could be a freakin stud if he had his own team. Miami is the best in east. Indiana aint bad. But I would say San Antonio and OKC both have a much better chance than Miami. If Miami was in the Western Conference I don't think they would get to the Finals. Miami is a different team once they hit a obstacle. Once things start to go bad for them, they go bad. They can't bounce back. They are mentally challanged.