Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nash out Telfair in. Please!!

Now that the Phoenix Suns season is over. Because they just lost a must win game against the jazz for the final 8th spot in the west. Maybe now they can get rid of Nash. Bon Voyage buddy. Sick of seeing you all cozy on the sideline with your warm ups on and a towl around your neck and laying on the ground. Sick of it. You were good. We all know that. You still are. I just don't want you on my team. (like i have a team) Telfair is a better option and you can tell that Alvin Gentry agrees. He would way rather have telfair out there. In my opinion. Players that should go are: Nash, Warrick, Morris, Grant Hill, and Childress. I would not bat a eye to see those guys leave. Not a big fan of Gortat, but a big guy is a rarity in the league. So keep him. So If i where the GM I would do that. And add some pieces. It is just to bad Channing Frye cannot grow into the player he is capable of being. But with that quick of release from three you gotta keep him and hope he can figure it out. But Nash's time has come. Telfair can do the job in my opinion. 

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