Sunday, April 15, 2012

Who wins today between Lakers and Mavs?

The lakers are a 2 point favorite. They need this one. The lakers are in third place in the west with the clippers one game behind them. Dallas in sixth place. The way it is sitting now these two teams would meet in first round of playoffs. I really don't think the lakers want clipppers moving ahead of them and dropping to four seed because then they got Memphis. And personally I would rather play the Dallas rather than Memphis. Just me though. So I think lakers want this game more. That said. Lakers -2 and really not wanting clippers to catch them. I would go lakers. But wait. Will i go with lakers. One big piece on info I left out. kobe is doubtful. Not expected to play. So now it is a toss up. Probably won't touch it. I think if kobe was 100% line would be 6 or 7. They are at home. But with kobe gone and line and -2 it might be worth it to take Dallas to win. But I ain't touchin it. I don't think!

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