Sunday, April 8, 2012


First off I love the NBA because I love basketball. The biggest thing I dislike about the NBA is how often they put the same teams on national television.  As a fan of hoops and a fan of the NBA I would like to see the NBA.  Its like they are aiming the audience at girls and guys that couldn't tell you what a one and one at the free throw line is. I am getting sick and tired of watching the Heat, Lakers, and Magic play. I wanna see some Timberwolves, some Trailblazers. Just not the usual teams. I mean I know its all about ratings. And for that day the Heat, Lakers and Magic probably would get you better ratings. But it is about building a product and start aiming towards people who care and in the long run the products ratings as a whole will rise. I am getting sick of watching player based on reputation and not skill. I am getting sick of watching Lebron and Dwight miss free throws. They are FREE and you are a professional. Some player just catch the buzz and it cannot escape them. Like Jason Kidd having the reputation of a great point gaurd in his later years. Are you freakin serious? There are 30 other point guards I would rather have. He was terrible.  So Mr. Stern please don't have the same teams on national tv every time. Mix it up. Grow your product. It will then take away any conspiracy there might be. The conspiracy that you want these top market teams to go farther in the playoffs.

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