Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hornets Hope Major Changes Bring Wins?

But that reality aside, is there much to not like about the work done by Hornets General Manager Dell Demps and his staff this offseason? And as a result, is there any reason to not believe the Hornets won’t be vastly improved because of it?
There’s a level of enthusiasm, hope and expectation surrounding the Hornets that perhaps only has been matched once during the team’s tenure in New Orleans, the offseason of 2008, when there was great promise after the Hornets pushed San Antonio to seven games in the Western Conference semifinals and appeared ready to make the jump and become a conference championship contender for several seasons.
And the talk has remained audible even as the Saints have opened training camp — a statement that hasn’t often been made about the Hornets during the offseason — because of all the good things that have happened to the Hornets, and all the good things they have made happen, since the NBA Draft Lottery.

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