Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Possible Lin Backup Not on ‘Bandwagon’

Scott Machado, the former Iona point guard, is a committed Knicks fan. But he stopped short of saying he was an admirer of Linsanity last season when Jeremy Lin was electrifying the league with his come-from-nowhere play.
“I wasn’t on his bandwagon,” Machado said. “I was a Knicks fan and we were winning with him, so I was just happy.”
Machado went undrafted last month but caught on with the Houston Rockets summer league team. Now, armed with an invite to the Rockets training camp, Machado has a chance to make the team and possibly back up Lin at point guard.
“I feel like Jeremy Lin is a good player – nothing against his game – but I want to show my talent and be able to play there as well,” Machado said.

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