Thursday, November 15, 2012

Magic Johnson Disagrees With Buss

“I love Dr. (Jerry) Buss. I don’t believe in Jim Buss,” Johnson said on ESPN’s “NBA Countdown” on Wednesday night. “He’s made two critical mistakes already. To me, they made two critical mistakes.
“First, hiring Mike Brown — he wasn’t the right coach. He’s a great coach but not the right coach for the Lakers. And I don’t feel Mike D’Antoni is the right coach for the Lakers. Especially when you have Phil Jackson sitting out there, who wanted to be the Laker coach. Jim Buss decided he didn’t want Phil Jackson, he wanted Mike D’Antoni. And that’s OK, but why didn’t you just say that? But the fans were cheering for Phil Jackson two nights in a row.”

NBA BEATS - If I had to guess. I think Magic had gone to Jim Buss and expressed interest in having some ownership in the Lakers at some point and he was turned down.  Supposedly that is also what Phil Jackson was asking for for him to come back. Magic is still just holding a grudge. I don't know if that is the case. I just do not like Magic. I would way rather have Larry Bird. I thought Bird was way better!!! I wish Magic would just go away. I don't fault Jim Buss anything. He can do what he wants. Shut up Magic. What he want may be wrong for the team. I certainly think Phil is a way better option than Mike D'antoni. But he is making the decision and it has nothing to do with you Magic. You were just a player and have no right to speak out about it. You were paid now go away.

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