Saturday, June 30, 2012

Suns won’t Offer Nash 3-Year Deal?

The Suns’ interest in retaining (Steve) Nash does not come at all costs, setting up a possible parting where both sides can shrug and say they tried to stay together. The Suns do not appear willing to meet his wish for a three-year deal, which Toronto and Brooklyn would do. They also are expected to be millions away from the eight-figure annual salaries he will get elsewhere, including with his former team and best buddy Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas. The Mavericks would likely limit an offer to a one-year deal, reserving next year’s space to pursue center Dwight Howard.
Nash earned $11.7 million last season as an All-Star point guard who finished second in the NBA in assists for a team that missed the playoffs. He will command close to that annually, although the Suns do not seem prepared to approach that. The Suns’ negotiations to retain Grant Hill (twice) and Channing Frye in recent years started with low initial offers before Managing Partner Robert Sarver stepped in late with above-market offers.

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