Wednesday, August 22, 2012

$315 shoe. You have a problem with it?

 NBA BEATS - This shoe sure is getting alot of attention. Some people are saying the company(NIKE) should be responsible for people buying the shoe who can not afford it. They say because a kid gets killed or jumped because of his shoes it is on the company that made the shoe. Some even say Lebron is at fault. He should know kids look up to him. Please that is hogwash. Those are the people that blame Remington for their gun being used in a murder. You can not blame a company for what individuals do. They do not have to buy the shoe. The accusation is right on though. Don't get me wrong in a perfect world shoes should not be 300 bucks, at least not yet. All companies try to make the most money they can. That should be what they are trying to do. It is the game of life. Try to succeed. I hope that is part of what drives people. Notice I said part. I sure hope that is not the only thing driving people. But it should be one of the things. Nike is trying to do the best they can. That is a not a bad thing. I would hate people to critize me for try to do the best I can. It is just to bad that the people that will buy it are the people who can't afford it. I don't want it. I don't want it because I am not a Lebron guy. I like players who can shoot.

No shoe is worth $315,unless you are Carrie from Sex In The City.
But back to reality, there’s been a lot of immediate yada-yada over the $315 LeBron James basketball shoe that will be released by Nike Inc. in the fall.
It would be the most expensive sneaker ever.
Reaction has been swift and punitive: The president of the National Urban League says “To release such an outrageously overpriced product while the nation is struggling to overcome an unemployment crisis is insensitive at best.”
The $315 price tag is insane, for sure, but is it much different than an adidas Chicago Bulls Revolution 30 Custom Authentic Alternate Jersey that sells for as much as $289.99? Or a Peyton Manning jersey that sells for $99.99? Or an Alex Rodriguez authentic road jersey that sells for $184.99?

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