Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can Thunder Afford to Extend Eric Maynor?

Eric Maynor. Remember him?
Maynor is seeking an extension to his rookie contract with the Thunder, just like Serge Ibaka and James Harden. However, Maynor’s name often gets dropped when trying to decipher the Thunder’s trilogy of contracts.
Retaining Maynor ranks third among the trio, but he is not a throwaway player. He unquestionably has worth.
What about Maynor? In what future financial neighborhood will he reside? Will it be $14 million for four years? $16 million? $18 million? Higher? Lower?
Extending Maynor’s contract might not be financially feasible given Ibaka’s deal and what Harden’s potential deal could be.

NBA BEATS - Eric Maynor defineltly has some value. He is a nice player. I just don't see how OKC can afford to keep all these guys. He seems like one that may have to go. I would like my hometown team to pick him up.

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