Thursday, August 23, 2012

Corey Maggette May Retire After Season

Corey Maggette, acquired this summer in a salary-shedding deal that brought in his expiring contract in exchange for the considerably more expensive Ben Gordon, appears to be a member of Column A. That doesn’t mean he’s heading into this season with designs of cheering from the bench in street clothes, however. Maggette still thinks he has some juice left in the tank.
Either way, he’s grateful for a fresh start, even this late in his career.
But how much longer will that career continue? Maggette doesn’t know, and he probably won’t have much of an idea until he’s able to test his degenerating body over the course of a full season. Retirement, he admits, is an option.
“I work hard, but we’ll see how long I want to go on after this year,” he said. “We’ll go from there.”

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