Friday, August 24, 2012

Brown to Give Nash Offensive Freedom

(Lakers coach Mike) Brown understands the pressure facing him this year, one of the many things we covered in our phone interview. Below is a transcript of highlights from our conversation.
LO’L: How does the Princeton work with having someone like (Steve) Nash? As is my understanding, it’s not as much a heavy pick-and-roll offense, but more motion and ball movement.
MB: “The way that we’ll put it together, Steve’s going to have an opportunity — he’s going to quarterback the team — and so he’s going to have an opportunity to come down the floor every possession and in early offense play pick-and-roll if he wants to. It’s up to him, based on where he decides to take the ball or a call that he makes or an action that he does, it’s up to him to get us into some of the looks of the Princeton offense.

NBA BEATS - In my opinion Nash was the biggest acquisition LA made in the off season. He will make a big difference. Nash will make everybody better. He will take a lot of stress away from Kobe.

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