Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where Will Sixers’ Doug Collins Put Focus?

When the Sixers welcomed center Andrew Bynum into the fold a little over a week ago, (coach Doug) Collins wasted no time saying that (Evan) Turner, Jrue Holiday, and Bynum were surefire starters. It is yet to be determined whether Turner will start at shooting guard or in Andre Iguodala’s old small forward spot.
However, while Turner’s development is still paramount to the Sixers, heightened expectations for the upcoming season will put the focus elsewhere.
There are those who look at the Sixers’ current roster and suggest the team could rise as high as the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. And for this to happen, Collins has to quickly mesh his pieces. He must take a big-picture approach and move away from the micromanagement of Turner.
Marked improvement by Turner, especially if it were to occur this season, Turner’s third, would prove to be incalculably beneficial to the Sixers.But don’t expect him to get the teacher’s pet attention he has seen in the past. The Sixers’ goals moving forward are a little bit too big for that.

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