Thursday, August 16, 2012

James Joins Jordan on History List

LeBron (James) signed off with 19 points, seven rebounds and four assists and exchanged long, tight hugs with both (Mike) Krzyzewski and (Kevin) Durant before the final horn had even blown. Shortly thereafter, Coach K made an even bigger scene by jumping up and down on the medal stand.
“It’s been a great ride for me,” James said upon joining Michael Jordan on the short list of players to win a gold medal, an NBA championship and the MVP trophy in the same season.
“I could have never scripted it this way. A lot of people doubted us. They said we were too small. Like Chris (Paul) said, it’s not about size, it’s about heart. And I’m happy we have so much heart on our team.”
NBA BEATS - Just wanted to let it be known. As much as I respect Lebrons game he is nowhere near Michael Jordan. Jordan could shoot. Jordan could dunk. Lebron just dunks when the lane is open. Jordan went over people. Jordan was alot more fun to watch. I don't like watchin players that can't shoot. 

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